Slide OUR MISSION GET IN TOUCH  Our teams of experienced media strategists and spokespeople offer support and resources to survivors, victims and families impacted by high profile tragedies to help them manage the sudden flood of often overwhelming media attention they receive. With the support of our trusted teams, survivors will have a say in if, when and how their stories are told.

We are a nonprofit organization which provides all of our services free of charge.


We will create a clear communications plan built on your wishes and act only when you are ready.


We will work with our longstanding contacts to request privacy, respect and understanding from the news media.


We will act as media coordinators and spokespeople, shielding or helping manage the media through key moments of public interest.


We will manage press interviews or events and work to ensure that, if you speak, your story is told on your terms.

Our Work

When high-profile tragedies strike, significant public and private resources are offered to support survivors, victims and their families as they grieve. Often in the midst of this difficult period, survivors are suddenly confronted by the local, state and, often, national or international media. Survivors Say will provide survivors, victims and their families with pro bono strategic communications services and resources in the immediate aftermath of a tragedy, serving as their adviser, advocate and spokesperson when - or if - they choose to engage with the media.


Founder & President David Guarino, [email protected], 617-548-4981 (cell/text).